• Sunday 3rd June - Lunar Festival, Tanworth in Arden (Hall Brothers & John Carey)
  • Wednesday 6th June - Otley Folk Club (Plumhall)
  • Saturday 16th June - York The Duchess (plumhall supporting Stolen Earth)
  • Sunday 17th June - Beverley Festival (Plumhall) afternoon in the Moonbeams Tent - more details soon
  • Sunday 17th June - BBC Radio Leeds The Durbervilles Folk & Roots Show (Plumhall live session and interview)
  • Sunday 24th June - Dent Festival (Hall Bros & John Carey afternoon)
  • Thursday 28th June - Grassington Fringe Festival; plumhall at The Craven Arms, Appletreewick
  • Tuesday 3rd July - Otley Junction (Nick B Hall & The Resurrection Men)
  • Saturday 7th July - York MOR Music Festival (Plumhall)
  • Friday 13th July - Moonbeams Wold Top Festival (Plumhall)
  • 27-29 July - Hardraw Gathering Festival (Plumhall / Hall Bros)
  • Tuesday 7th August - LONDON 12 Bar Club (Plumhall supporting Jude Rawlins)
  • Sunday 16th September - Saltaire Festival (plumhall with full band 3.45pm)
  • 20 - 23 September - Otley Festival (Plumhall & Hall Bros & John Carey)
  • Sunday 7th October - Ingleton Festival (Hall Bros & John Carey)

Monday, 19 May 2008

centenary square and peter tork support, with michelle plum / new songs

nick b hall, in his excellent new duo with michelle plum, has just been asked to perform two contrasting but equally exciting live concerts.

on saturday 31st may (just before nick zooms off to perform at fountains abbey) nick and michelle will perform a half hour concert in the open air at bradford centenary square for bradford music week. the duo will be onstage at midday prompt and then will have to dash straight off up the dales. this should be a brilliant concert in an unusual setting. it's free and therefore shouldn't be missed.

on saturday 7th june, nick and michelle will be performing as the special guests of the legendary peter tork (of the monkees) at otley civic centre for legendary promoter john keenan. this is a concert not to be missed, as nick and michelle are only going to do a few interesting, quirky or 'prestige' gigs a year, and the chance to see them AND a legendary figure such as peter tork is a bit 'once-in-a-lifetime'. the civic is one of nick's favourite venues and he always plays a blinder there. tickets are available from manor books and music in otley and info can be found from john keenan at

nick and michelle have been writing and demoing new material and two of nick's new songs 'the fall and the flood' (bad weather as a metaphor for life!) and 'world domination now!' (a well-aimed rant against the political wing of the christian right) could find their way into the upcoming solo and duo sets. nick is very happy with the way the demos for the new album 'world domination now!' are shaping up and the album could be out for christmas at this rate.

Friday, 9 May 2008

nick b hall live on bbc radio leeds


nick is going to be appearing on the durbervilles folk and roots show on bbc radio leeds on sunday 1st june at 8pm to talk about the upcoming release of the 'hurts like hell' ep and perform live in the studio. listen to bbc radio eeds on 92.4 & 95.3 fm and on 774 am, or listen online

Thursday, 8 May 2008

first review of 'hurts like hell'

here is part of the first review of 'hurts like hell' from the woven wheat whispers site;

"The four tracks on this EP show off Nick's considerable talent as both singer and songwriter and show he has a knack for creating catchy songs that have appeal to audiences in either a local folk club or on a larger, more mainstream stage. These are songs, that with some radio play could easily become big sellers. The opener, Patching up my Soul, brings the Icicle Works to mind, being a powerful and hook-laden song with a very singable chorus. Hurts like Hell is a strong and tender "lost love" ballad, while Undertow is a brooding low key song chock full of emotion and sincerity.

The Man Apart closes the EP and has the vibe of a Celtic romp and should be a real crowd pleaser when played live. There is honestly nothing to criticize here. These are timeless songs, high on melody content and with a commercial edge.

A folk rock gem for the 21st century."

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

'Hurts Like Hell' e.p to get full release on i-Tunes etc

a word from nick just posted on his myspace site;


Have been in the musical doldrums a bit of late and decided quite suddenly today that I should get around to giving the 'Hurts Like Hell' e.p a proper release. This is a record I made a few years ago with Chris O'Neill and Dave Reilly and is a recording I'm particularly fond of.

It will include Undertow, Hurts Like Hell, Patching Up My Soul and the rarely heard The Man Apart. I'm dropping Big-hearted Northern Boy because I can! The ep has been available through the lovely but relatively obscure Woven Wheat Whispers folk download site, but I've now negociated (in one day!!!) a release deal and publishing deal through Confidential Records and Maori Music Publishing. The record will be available through i-Tunes and other major download sites and will also be chart-eligible. I might make a bit of a hoo-ha about it, what the hell?!

The record will have new cool artwork and I'll post details of official release dates as soon as possible.

Finally I'm fired up about music again! If in doubt - release something!!!

Love and hugs

Nick x"

more details of this exciting release to follow shortly